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Find the answer to "how much does rehab cost" and information about the best rehab center of Wayne

At the Rehab Centers in Wayne they are fully equipped and ready to reach out and help each and every type of person suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Their main focus is to change the lives of those in need in a calm and relaxing environment. The experienced staff in the rehab center of Wayne understand what encompasses and addiction and how it can negatively affect both the individual suffering from the addiction and the friends and family members nearest to then. This is why at the Rehab Centers in Wayne they offer multiple levels of rehabilitation care not only for the individual but for family members as well.

In the Rehab centers of Wayne patients will receive an individualized treatment plan which will address the type of addiction that the individual is suffering from and will also address any under lying issues or pre-existing conditions. Also, in the Rehab Centers in Wayne patients will receive a medical detox, followed by therapies, relapse prevention among other things.

If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction or want to find the answer to the question about "how much does rehab cost" along with any other questions or concerns you may have, please call today. You can contact the Rehab Centers in Wayne at 973-896-1472.

How much does rehab cost?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, "substance abuse costs the nation over 600$ billion annually and treatment can help reduce these costs." It is important to seek help for addiction treatment because other alternatives are death or incarceration. Also according to the NIDA, treating someone for 1 year using methadone maintenance treatment is approximately 19,000 dollars cheaper than the cost of their imprisonment.

Contacting and working directly with a treatment center such as the rehab center of Wayne, the cost of treatment various depending on which type of treatment the patient chooses. The detoxification process is something that almost every patient goes through and the price of it is charged per day, while outpatient treatment can vary from free to any certain price per day or time period. Finally, inpatient can range from anywhere around 1,000 to 25,000 per 30-day program.

Why choose this Rehab Center in Wayne?

It is important to remember when looking at the costs of rehab that trying to combat an addiction at home or alone is not only be dangerous but incredibly difficult. It is important that someone suffering from an addiction go through a medical detox where they are closely monitored by medical staff, while taking medication to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. In this stage, when people go at quitting at home alone, is when most people relapse or give up. You never know what the withdrawal symptoms may be, it all depends on the substance, the physical health and the length of addiction.

After the body has been completely rid of the drug, the therapists and supportive staff can help the individuals work to the root of the problem and form goals. The patients will be educated on what are their triggers and how to avoid them along with how to live their new life without the substance. They will also work with alternative therapies and group sessions, all with the final goal of making the individual feel comfortable and safe. The goals formed during this time will carry on to outpatient recovery programs. Each and every moment in a Rehab Center in Wayne will help the patient get that much closer to a healthy life.

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