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If you know someone who struggles with addiction, it's important to understand that the problem can be helped. Call us at our prescription drug rehab center in Wayne to speak to specialists who know what to do.

The more readily available an addictive substance is, the greater the possibility of abuse. Not long ago, painkillers, sleeping pills, anxiety pills and other physician-prescribed medications were rarely prescribed and were strictly controlled. Today, however, it is easy to get a doctor to write out a prescription, and these medications are easily available off unauthorized online stores, as well. The result has been abuse and addiction in epidemic portions.

How Does Prescription Drug Addiction Happen?

With certain classes of prescription medications, addiction is a possibility even with legitimate use. Use of painkillers, benzodiazepines and central nervous system stimulants can lead to addictive effects even at low, physician-defined dosages. When symptoms of addiction appear, many patients are unable to help their cravings. With addictive medications, it is often up to patients to remain on the alert for signs of addiction, and to inform their doctors.

Understanding How Drugs Work

Opioids such as Percocet and OxyContin, stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall, and central nervous system depressants such as Luminal and Xanax may be fundamentally intended for very different effects on the brain. Nevertheless, they are all capable of setting off feelings of euphoria in the brain.

These feelings occur when certain chemical components in these drugs directly act on the nucleus accumbens, the region of the brain considered to be its pleasure center. It is able to both produce intense feelings of pleasure, and to form deep attachments to actions capable of producing these feelings.

In some people, these attachments are very quickly and deeply formed. With overuse, such psychological attachment leads to physical attachment, a condition where the pleasure center is unable to function unless drugs are present in the system. It takes medically supervised prescription drug addiction treatment to overcome the attachment experienced.

Why Are Some More Susceptible to Drugs?

Of the millions of people who receive prescriptions for medications with addictive potential, it's only a microscopic fraction that actually does turn to abuse and addiction. Addicts and their families who come to our prescription drug rehab center in Wayne often wonder what it is about the addict that makes them vulnerable.

Vulnerability is attributed to a wide variety of reasons. While a genetic component does exist, most often, there are hidden psychiatric and psychological disorders that these people suffer from. They often possess less control over their actions than they might believe. Dual diagnosis in Wayne treats these kinds of co-occurring illnesses.

Treating Addiction to Prescription Drugs

In essence, addiction to prescription drugs is no different from addiction to any other substance. The brain and mind are affected in much the same ways. The addiction that they produce requires similar treatment, as well.

Our prescription drug addiction programs start with drug detox in Wayne, a process that addresses the brain's physical dependence on a drug. Detoxification can be a high-risk process, especially with benzodiazepines. Dangerous withdrawal symptoms such as seizures and convulsions are common. A taper interval of several weeks is usually necessary. Supervision and timely medical care by a team of addiction specialists is essential.

When complete detoxification is achieved, the addict no longer feels cravings or withdrawal symptoms. At this point, the patient is said to be cured of physical addiction; psychological addictions tend to remain in place, however. These can take years of psychological therapy to overcome.

Prescription Drug Rehab Center in Wayne

While certification and licensing does exist for prescription rehab centers, a large number of institutions advertising services have none. Prescription drug addiction treatment is often offered by rehab centers with little scientific expertise. Before investing in prescription drug rehab, then, it's important for patients to put in research to find a program that is well-designed, and run to modern medical standards.

At this prescription drug rehab center in Wayne, we offer the most advanced and scientifically recognized rehab techniques available today. We help thousands of addicts each year, and we can help you. All you need to do is to call us (877) 804-1531.

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