Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Wayne, NJ

At our rehab for dual diagnosis treatment in Wayne, we offer our patients some of the most advanced investigations and treatments in this area. If you'd like to know more, you should read on. You should then call us to speak to our addiction specialists.

For treatment of an addiction to succeed over the long term, it is essential that the patient and the rehab center work together to uncover and treat root causes. Psychological issues are a significant underlying cause in most cases; psychological disorders and personality disorders that push people towards addictive behavior need to be treated in therapy if there is to be any hope of long-term sobriety. There is one more possibility to look into, however, one that most rehabs ignore.

Dual Diagnosis

In one out of two people who suffer from an addiction disorder, an underlying mental disorder turns out to be a significant cause. Depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses, when undiagnosed and untreated, cause sufferers to move towards substance abuse, and then addiction.

The dual diagnosis idea brings to addiction treatment the concept that underlying mental disorders drive addictive behavior, and therefore, need to be treated and brought under control if addicts are to be expected to continue to stay clean after treatment. It is a concept that has proven scientifically sound in dozens of high-profile studies that have been conducted over the years.

What Does Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Wayne Involve?

The idea with dual diagnosis care is to offer care for every contributing mental disorder involved concurrently with addiction treatment. Whether in detox or in the therapy that follows, having professionals in different fields come together to collaborate on providing a well-thought-out plan always results in a better outcome.

Different approaches to dual diagnosis addiction treatment exist — parallel, sequential and integrated. At our inpatient rehab in Wayne for dual diagnosis treatment, our experts side with the integrated approach, the most recent and most advanced of them all. It's important to understand why the integrated approach is considered superior.

It gives caregivers better insight: Addictions and mental disorders tend to present with similar symptoms. Confusion is common in cases where patients are treated by different doctors not in consultation with one another. Errors in diagnosis and treatment are frequently seen. With integrated dual diagnosis treatment programs, addiction specialists and psychiatrists work together on each patient, and are able to work out areas of confusion.

Patient safety wins: With the psychiatrist and addiction specialist working together, there is little chance of important information getting lost in translation. Patients receive better quality care when there is less opportunity for miscommunication.

The buck is never passed: In our treatment programs in Wayne all caregivers work together at the same time, ultimately making the team responsible and leaving no one party to blame.

The Greatest Benefits of Dual Diagnosis

While detox can seem to be the part of the rehab process that involves action most readily perceivable, it is the aftercare therapy component of rehab that is the most important part of the process. When performed with some measure of competence, success in detoxification is only to be expected. It is the work done after detox -- aftercare and relapse prevention in Wayne — that makes the greatest difference to the long-term prospects of a rehab attempt. The dual diagnosis treatment approach is able to make the greatest difference in the therapeutic areas of rehab.

Therapists who specialize in specific mental disorders help take up each patient for cognitive-behavioral therapy, anger management, impulse control management and other types of therapy for the right results. It is dual diagnosis care that ensures that the skills required are brought to the patient.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Wayne

Decades after dual diagnosis treatment first appeared in the mainstream, it still isn't common. It can take work to find a rehab that offers dual diagnosis treatment with integrated approach.

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