Inpatient Rehab in Wayne, NJ

Many families considering treatment for a loved one with an addiction tend to be wary of the idea of residential rehab. The cost can be high enough. Outpatient treatment tends to cost only a third as much, and may promise to offer the same level of treatment as inpatient drug addiction programs. Addiction specialists at our inpatient rehab in Wayne are often called upon to help patients and their families understand where the truth lies.

There is evidence to show that inpatient drug addiction programs are provably superior to outpatient programs. Addicts who receive inpatient care stay sober for longer, and live longer. A short explanation can help make clear why.

Understanding the Benefits of Inpatient

Inpatient care helps bring about better outcomes in a wide variety of ways.

Prior to admission: We treat each patient as an individual with unique needs here at our inpatient rehab in Wayne. It is a treatment philosophy that has considerable scientific backing. It's the way every top inpatient rehab treatment center is designed, as well. Outpatient programs that apply a one-size-fits-all plan to every patient rarely achieve results.

Viewing each patient as unique helps in a number of different ways. As an example, addicts tend to come in various states of physical health. A long alcohol habit can make for a weak heart or liver, and various drugs can inflame the kidneys and the pancreas. With the powerful drugs used at our drug detox center in Wayne, it's important to ensure that each patient is in fit condition. Personalized investigations and care help ensure such close attention to detail.

Through the detoxification process: It is the aim of the detox process to help the patient purge his system of all addictive substances. The process tends to painful, and to be fraught with risk. It can result in death when not done under close medical supervision. Inpatient treatment alone is able to provide supervision to the degree needed.

High-level medical care tends to be particularly important when complications are involved. Dual diagnosis is one common possibility, these being cases where the addict to be treated suffers from mental disorders. These cases require a team of professionals able to coordinate treatment. Inpatient care alone is well-suited to such needs.

Patient supervision is another area where inpatient treatment programs in Wayne tend to excel. The cravings of withdrawal tend to be very difficult for addicts to resist, and cheating on rehab is common. With inpatient treatment, patients are placed in a safe, drug-free environment where there is every assurance of compliance.

Aftercare: Therapeutic intervention targets the deep cravings that occur after conclusion of rehab. These often result in relapse. Nothing less than intensive work several hours each day is able to help. It takes much focused work for patients to gain any assurance at all of long-term freedom from drugs. Inpatient care alone offers patients the level of access to therapy needed.

In these and many other measurable ways, inpatient rehab offers patients a better shot.

Which Treatment Is Best For You?

Inpatient treatment may not be acceptable to every patient in need of addiction rehab. Some may not be able to afford it, and others may simply have responsibilities that they cannot take a break from. To anyone who can manage it, however, inpatient rehab offers improved odds. It tends to work particularly well for certain needs.

Patients who are not motivated: It takes motivation to put in the hard work required in therapy. Addiction, however, is well-known for its tendency to rob the mind of ability to self-motivate. It can require intensive treatment to work with the motivated, a requirement that is best served in the inpatient environment.

Those with no support network: Emotional support by family is essential to patient recovery. Where there is little family interested in playing a role, however, professionals can fill in. It takes inpatient rehab in Wayne to ensure that the patient has access to caregivers at all times.

Inpatient rehab treatment programs are not all the same. It can make all the difference, the approach that is used, and the way it is deployed. If you have questions about making the right kind of choice, whether for reasons of paucity of funds or lack of time, you should feel free to call the specialists at our inpatient rehab in Wayne. They should have information that can help you at (877) 804-1531.

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