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At our drug rehab in Wayne, our experts can point to a great deal of scientific evidence to show that inpatient care is the most effective way to proceed. If you're undecided, take a look at the information below. Then, call us to set up an appointment with an addiction specialist about our treatment options.

If you've decided that you no longer want to spend your life addicted to a drug, it's time to do some research. Certainly, you don't want to quit cold turkey, because, notwithstanding what self-styled experts may say on the drug user forums, DIY is dangerous enough to kill, and is ineffective as well, when it doesn't. If you can see that the medically supervised rehab is the only sensible way to go, you'll need to make up your mind about which way to head.

How Does Inpatient Rehab Work?

The inpatient rehab program approach recognizes how great a challenge overcoming addiction is. The philosophy used in this approach recognizes that the addict needs all his strength and mental capacity to fight addiction, distractions only weaken resolve. The inpatient treatment environment is one in which the patient's every need is taken care of to allow singular focus.

Inpatient care comes with comfortable living quarters, healthy food, and no work or family to worry about. Empathetic therapeutic and support staff become your family, and offer as much support as needed. Most importantly, there are highly qualified medical professionals always on hand, in touch with your case, and guiding you both in your physical and therapeutic treatment. It's a process that gives the fight against addiction a real chance to succeed.

The admissions process: If there was one primary feature of inpatient care that truly set it apart from outpatient care, it would have to be customization of care. It starts at admission. Each patient undergoes extended evaluation and assessment where a battery of tests determine physical, emotional and mental health. Information obtained is applied to every step of the process.

If there are health issues to do with a weak heart or liver, as is often seen with those addicted, doctors on the program make sure that every treatment step and prescription is safe for the conditions discovered. Our prescription drug rehab center in Wayne uses tapering methods to slowly bypass withdrawal symptoms.

Mental disorders are common among addicts as well, and treatment needs to be integrated into rehab for the greatest chance of success. If mental disorders are discovered, a psychiatrist is placed on the care team for dual diagnosis treatment in Wayne.

At our drug rehab in Wayne, as in any leading inpatient treatment program, there are no cookie-cutter plans offered, and it shows in the results.

Drug detox in Wayne: Millions of addicts avoid rehab for the simple reason that they fear the pain and discomfort involved. Outpatient care does offer treatments that address pain, but there's only so much that can be done when there are no doctors supervising care night and day.

This does not happen in inpatient care. As the supply of the addictive substances is tapered down and the withdrawal symptoms begin to kick in, addiction professionals hover over the patient and make sure that no symptoms get through. This is about more than comfort. When the brain is allowed to experience seizures or pain, it actually affects its ability over the long term to stay sober.

Aftercare therapy: Addiction isn't a curable disorder. As with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or depression, it tends to be a lifelong affliction. If an addiction relapse is to be avoided, it's important that the patient take up therapy for the right psychological and lifestyle skills.

Outpatient treatment approaches do offer intensive therapy. They don't begin to approach inpatient programs with their full-time schedules of daily therapeutic treatment, however. It takes therapy of such intensity to truly internalize the skills needed to learn a healthy, new approach to life.

Does Inpatient Therapy Deliver Results?

The greatest amount of care would be of little use if it didn't actually deliver results — more patients who live longer, and stay free of drugs for longer. While the philosophy adopted by inpatient treatment program approaches in the U.S. have generally tended towards shorter care durations, long-term inpatient programs, where offered, do come with remarkable results in these areas. At our drug rehab in Wayne, we offer some of the most long-term inpatient programs in the region.

Finding An Inpatient Rehab Center

Reading popular expert books on the subject of rehab is an excellent way of coming by the kind of information that you need to evaluate rehab centers and the programs that they offer. The rehab industry is quite unregulated in the US, and there are rehab centers that operate on every kind of philosophy, both scientific and unscientific.

Patient awareness is extremely important in the search for rehabs and programs that truly work. When you're ready to seek treatment, call us to speak to an expert in drug rehab in Wayne. We would be glad to offer guidance at (877) 804-1531.

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